How to add cardio to your strength program


How much cardio you need—or whether you need any at all—comes down to your training goal. Watch as Joel and Luka explain how to determine the amount and kind of cardio you need to drive the greatest results possible. Then discover how to tie together your conditioning and strength work into a single, complete program. It’s all here in this live recording of the creatively-named “Joel and Luka Show.”

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If you want to start tracking important measures of cardiovascsular fitness like HRV and resting heart rate—and measure your heart rate during workouts— make sure to check out the Morpheus Training System

Coaches: if you aren’t 100% confident in your ability to write training programs for any goal, the Conditioning Coach Certification is for you. I’ll teach you the most powerful training methods and exactly when to use them to have the biggest impact

And don’t miss out on Luka’s tried-and-true strategies for small group personal training, programming, and running a profitable fitness business at LukaHocevar.com

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