Recover to Win

Unlock the power of recovery and transform your fitness, health, and performance in just 30 days. Everything you need to know to build a complete recovery program by Joel Jamieson

The way most people approach fitness today is broken

I know this sounds like a bold statement, but I have almost 20 years of data and coaching experience to back it up.

What I mean when I say it’s broken is that the way fitness is taught (and reinforced through magazine headlines, education, and social media) only gives people one single tool to improve it: training.

On top of this, the “high-intensity mindset” has become so ingrained in the fitness culture that the only way people think they can improve their results is by doing more training.

More sets. More reps. More weight. More intensity. More training.

This approach is like trying to build an entire house with nothing more than a hammer and nails. You can make some progress, but you’ll never be able to get the job done unless you have all the right tools.

In fitness, the reason this approach is so limiting and ultimately fails is because training is only one piece of the puzzle.

It’s often not even the most important one.

What ultimately limits the results you get from your workouts is often not the exercises, sets, reps, or weight you lift in the gym. It’s the other 23 hours in the day when you’re not in the gym.

That’s why recovery is often the single biggest limiting factor in the results people see.

The problem is that until now, nobody is teaching real principles, strategies, and an actual system around improving recovery.

To really flip the switch of recovery and drive your fitness results, you need to know how to build a complete recovery program.

Over and over again, I’ve seen how making relatively simple changes to accelerate recovery can lead to a massive difference in results. The key is to know how recovery works, what drives it, and how to eliminate the recovery roadblocks that trip so many people up.

That is exactly why I built Recover to Win and what you’ll learn how to do when you register for the course.

In just seven lessons you will learn:

  • My Recover to Win model and how to use it to improve each of the five major pieces of the recovery puzzle one step at a time
  • How to evaluate and identify the key recovery roadblocks that are killing your progress and setting you up for injuries
  • How to build a complete recovery program to work together with your training program to drive long-term results
  • The right way to to use today’s most popular wearable technologies to track and help optimize your recovery, sleep, training, and more
Lesson 1

Why recovery is the missing link in fitness, health and performance

  • What recovery really is and why it’s so crucial to getting the most out of each workout
  • How nutrition, training, sleep, regeneration, and activity are are connected to energy
  • Why training without focusing on recovery will set you up for frustrating plateaus and injuries
  • The truth about heart rate variability and how to make sure you’re getting the most out of measuring it
Lesson 2

The big picture of activity: Why 10,000 steps a day doesn’t add up

  • The story of Dr. Herman Pontzer and how he forced us to rethink how metabolism works
  • Where the idea of 10,000 steps per day came from and why it falls short in today’s world
  • How to calculate your metabolic ceiling and make sure you’re burning the right amount of calories
  • The truth about how accurate activity trackers are and how to choose the right one for your goals
Lesson 3

How to train to recover faster than ever

  • What makes recovery-driven periodization so effective and what makes it different from other models
  • The most effective way to build your aerobic engine to drive recovery and conditioning at the same time
  • How to build Rebound Training workouts that drive up recovery, reduce soreness, and improve movement
  • Surefire methods for training stronger self-control and discipline (so you can stick to the plan when it matters most)
Lesson 4

Optimizing your nutrition for recovery with Dr. Mike

  • How to make sure you’re eating the right amount of calories to optimize your recovery with Dr. Mike Roussell
  • What the science says about how much protein you need each day to provide the fuel optimizing recovery
  • How to turn on the parasympathetic nervous system and crank up recovery with breathing drills with Mike Robertson
  • Targeted supplementation strategies that are designed to improve how well you adapt to both mental and physical stress
Lesson 5

Sleeping your way to better results

  • Why sleep is the number one thing that can kill your recovery if you don’t get enough of it each day
  • How to design your bedroom, choose your mattress, and create the ultimate sleeping environment for recovery
  • Proven strategies to improve your sleep quality by focusing in building the right habits and daily routines
  • How to choose between all the different sleep tracking technologies and the truth about what they can and can’t measure
Lesson 6

Regeneration strategies: one size does not fit all

  • Where regeneration strategies fit into the big picture of training and recovery and where most of them go wrong
  • The best tools and tips to teach yourself how to flip the mental relaxation switch and focus on recovering faster
  • The most effective ways to use different hydrotherapy methods and when you should add them into your weekly plan /li>
  • Simple but powerful soft tissue methods that you can do at home with minimal equipment to reduce soreness and fatigue
Lesson 7

Creating your recovery roadmap

  • The ultimate recovery roadmap: how to transform your recovery and results in the next 30 days
  • How to use the RTW screen to identify the easiest changes to make that will lead to the biggest improvements
  • The science of setting the right goals and the importance of focusing daily on your process goals instead of only outcomes
  • Building a tracking plan that will leverage technology to help keep you on the right track as your fitness improves

Your course instructor

Joel Jamieson is a conditioning expert and online educator that teaches coaches and fitness pros how to write science-based conditioning programs that deliver real-world results.

After working with elite performers and top athletes worldwide, including the Navy SEALS, UFC world champions, and dozens of teams from the NFL, NBA, MLS, NCAA, Joel began sharing his conditioning principles and methods in his first book, Ultimate MMA Conditioning.

Since then, he was one of the first coaches in the industry to introduce heart rate variability technology, first with BioForce HRV in 2011 and then with the Morpheus recovery management system.

His no-nonsense teaching style has made complex topics in physiology, behavioral science, and heart rate variability accessible to thousands of athletes, coaches, and trainers around the world.

When he’s not at the gym, you can spot Joel flying his helicopter around his hometown of Seattle, WA or focusing on his recovery while relaxing on the beaches of the North Shore.

Everything you need to build your personal recovery program

7 hours of streaming videos

Get instant access to our entire library of streaming videos that you can access from anywhere.

Heart rate zone training guide

Level up your heart rate training knowledge and dial in your intensity with the guide to HR training.

Downloadable PDF workbook

The included downloadable workbook will help you build your own personalized recovery program.

Wearable tech review

Get the most out of wearable by learning the best way to track activity, sleep, training, and recovery.

Continuing Education Credits

Complete our quiz at the end to get a certificate showing you've finished the course and get CEUs.

Lifetime help and support

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Real stories from real people using Morpheus to coach, train, grow their businesses, and connect with their clients on a new level. Read their experiences in their own words.

Joel's Recover to Win program covers the most overlooked aspect of fitness with everything you need to know to make sure your clients are recovering from their workouts & stressful days. In Recover to Win, Joel takes a deep dive into the science of the effect of stress on your body & why addressing recovery in your programs is crucial for providing sustainable results for your clients. If you want to set your clients up for success - you have to take this course!

Dr. Jannine Krause

Q Vitality Studio

This course not only educates you in why recovery is so important, but also provides you with an action plan to ensure that you can incorporate the right recovery strategies. Joel gives you all the tools you need to maximize the efforts of all the hard work that you or your clients/athletes put into the training session. I love how RTW gave me manageable pieces of information that make it very easy to digest and put to good use.

You honestly owe it to yourself, your clients and athletes to sign up!

John Facci

Tier 1 Training

Recovery is everywhere today, but nobody is teaching a systematic way to improve each piece of recovery like Joel is. The new course is a game-changer for anyone that takes their training seriously and wants to get better results. We incorporate a lot of the methods in the RTW course into our training programs at Vigor Ground and the results speak for themselves. RTW is a must-have for every coach in the industry.

Luka Hocevar

Vigor Ground Fitness

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the Recover to Win course for?

The Recover to Win course is for anyone that is serious about improving their recovery, conditioning, health and performance. It doesn’t matter if you’re a top level athlete or coach, weekend warrior, or just love to train and want to get better results.

No special background, education, or credentials are required to get the most out of the course I’ll dive into complex topics, but focus on the most important part: application.

All my courses are designed for people different goals, backgrounds and experience levels. Anyone that wants to learn and get the most out of their training and hard work is encouraged to sign up for the course.

How do I access the course?

As soon as you register for the course, I’ll email you login details so you can access the lessons on 8weeksout.com and start learning immediately.

No need to wait—you can dive into the material as soon as you join the course.

Do I need any special equipment? What if I just train at home?

No. I’ve designed this course for anyone who wants to improve their recovery and get the most out of their training from anywhere. You can effectively apply these principles from your garage, neighborhood park, gym, or wherever you like to train.

Recover to Win works with your lifestyle.

I've read your book and all your articles, will I learn anything new?

Although I’ve written a ton of articles on my site, there’s only so much detail I can include in a few thousand words. And while my Ultimate MMA Conditioning book showcases many fundamental training principles, I wrote it in 2009—and I’ve learned a lot since then!

This course is for people who want to dig deeper into the concepts of recovery and how to improve it, and I’ve only brushed the surface in my other work.

Be prepared to learn and develop a uniquely individualized recovery plan using my brand new recovery programming system.

If you’ve been through my conditioning certification, you’ll notice some overlap of material—which is why I’m offering a discount to all my certified coaches. To learn more, contact us at [email protected]

Is there a test? Does your course offer CEUs?

Yes! The course is worth 1 CEU for the NSCA and additional CEUs will be available for NASM shortly.

What if I take the course and it's not for me?

My team and I worked hard to make this course the most valuable tool for improving recovery available anywhere. The stuff I’ll show you has been proven not just in the lab, but also in the trenches with hundreds of clients — so I suspect you’ll love it.

That said, I want you to be completely happy with your investment. So if you try Recover to Win and decide it’s not for you, just send me an email within the first 30 days and I’ll get you a full refund. I have no interest in keeping your money if you’re not happy.

Does it matter what I'm training for or what my training program is?

No! It doesn’t matter if you’re a Powerlifter, marathoner, or just train to feel your best. Recover to Win is designed to help anyone create an individualized recovery program so they can get the most out of their workouts.

If you want to learn how to effectively manage stress and promote recovery to feel and perform your best, this course is for you.

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  • Lifetime access to the entire course and all future upgrades
  • Includes certificate of completion and CEUs for coaches and trainers
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  • Includes the Morpheus M5/M7 at 40% off the retail price



Put everything you'll learn in Recover to Win to the test for the next 30-days, 100% Risk-Free.

This guarantee covers you for a full 30 days, which means you can go through the entire course and decide for yourself whether or not it was worth your investment. My goal is to help build a complete recovery program that will help your transform your health and fitness. If Recover to Win doesn't do that, I'll give you your money back, no questions asked.