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Transform your conditioning with the first ever MasterProgram, Metamorphosis. It’s what you’d get if a training program had a baby with a masterclass: a complete 8-week program coupled with a comprehensive course in how to develop elite conditioning.

All created by the world’s leading authority on conditioning and performance, Joel Jamieson.

8-Week Program

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The Big Conditioning Lie

If you looked for advice on how to improve your conditioning on Instagram and YouTube, it would be easy to think conditioning comes down to just one thing:

If you work hard enough, you’ll see results.

This idea has been stated all sorts of ways: No pain, no gain. Train hard or go home. All you need is HIIT.

But after 20 years of training many of the world’s top athletes and high-performers, I can tell you that this is not how the body works.

If you want to be in the best condition of your life, you need more than hard work.

You need an intelligent, science-backed plan that leverages your natural stress and recovery cycles.

Because training is just one small piece of the conditioning puzzle.

What ultimately limits the results you get from your workouts is usually not the exercises, sets, or reps you do in the gym

It’s the other 23 hours in the day when you’re not in the gym.

The hours of sleep you get each night, the food you eat, the mental and emotional stress you deal with, and all the other demands on your time and energy have a massive effect on the kind of results you’ll see.

Which is why you need more than just a conditioning program. You need a conditioning MasterProgram.

I’m going to guide you through the 8-week training process inside the gym. And I’m going to teach you how to the most out of it by connecting all the dots of fitness, conditioning, and lifestyle including: recovery/regeneration, nutrition, sleep, stress management, soft-tissue health, etc.,

Putting all these pieces together is the real key to watching your conditioning improve week after week, month after month, and year after year.

So if you’re ready to have the best conditioning of your life and willing to put in the work, I’ll take care of the rest.

All you have to do is get started.

The Only Program You Need to Have the Best Conditioning of Your Life

Metamorphosis gives you an expertly-designed 8-week conditioning program and lessons on how to optimize your lifestyle for health and performance. It’s everything you need to unleash your true potential.


Simple video demonstrations of each exercise in the program


Weekly breakdowns of your warm-ups, workouts, and cool-downs


Gauge your conditioning and track your progress over time


Stream videos from anywhere when you’re ready to learn

Exercise Library

Not only will you get easy-to-follow demos from Joel, but you’ll also get access to the top exercises from other world-class coaches. Learn from mobility experts, performance coaches, and physical preparation specialists.

Program Templates

These clearly-organized weekly templates give you everything you need to train effectively and efficiently from start to finish. Take notes, track your RPE, sets, and reps, and dominate your 8-week journey with this complete roadmap.

Personal Assessment

Kick off your conditioning transformation with an assessment to measure where you’re starting from. This quick test will give you everything you need to track your progress over the next 8 weeks–and see how far you’ve come.

Lessons On Demand

You can learn how to optimize your health and performance with a masterclass-level education–anywhere, anytime, in full HD. These videos are yours to stream, even after the program ends. There’s no expiration date.

Program Breakdown

Get a behind-the-scenes explanation of how the program was designed, how the methods and exercises were selected, and what physical adaptations are targeted. So you can fully understand the “why” behind each workout.

Be coached by the best

Joel Jamieson

Joel Jamieson is a conditioning expert and online educator who teaches coaches how to write science-based conditioning programs that deliver real-world results.

After working with elite performers and top athletes worldwide, including Olympic medalists, Navy SEALs, UFC world champions, and dozens of teams from the NFL, NBA, MLS, NCAA, Joel began sharing his conditioning principles and methods in his first book, Ultimate MMA Conditioning.

Since then, he’s leveraged heart rate variability technology in two fitness apps, BioForce HRV and Morpheus, to help people train at their body’s unique ideal intensity every day.

His no-nonsense teaching style has made complex topics in physiology, behavioral science, and heart rate variability accessible to thousands of athletes, coaches, and trainers around the world.

What You’ll Learn in the Conditioning MasterProgram

I’m going to share with you the same lessons I use to help elite athletes, coaches, and top performers take control of their health and performance.


The M3 Model of Conditioning

38 minutes

Understand the three fundamentals of conditioning–movement, metabolic systems, and mental performance–and how to train each of these areas to reach your true performance potential. This section provides an easy-to-understand breakdown of the science that affects your results.


Recovering to Win

35 minutes

Training creates a stimulus for your body to adapt–but it’s the process of recovery that builds faster, stronger, or fatigue-resistant muscles. I’ll help you master the areas of your lifestyle that can either limit or supercharge your improvements over the next 8 weeks.


Metamorphosis Program Breakdown

Anyone can blindly follow a program, but what happens when it ends? This section is all about explaining why and how I designed Metamorphosis so you can take control of your conditioning from here on out. I’ll give you the tools you need to become an expert in your own performance.


The Methods of Conditioning

This is the complete method guide–exercise demos, in-depth discussions about how they work and what energy systems they’re targeting, a breakdown of the benefits, and more. You’re going to know why each method is in your program and how to do them for maximum effect.

Why people love Joel's Conditioning Programs

And why you will too

Mike Robertson


"This program goes well beyond a program. It really is an educational platform. So not only will you improve your conditioning, but you'll also learn a lot, too. You'll learn Joel's best methods and his rationale behind those methods. So even once the program is finished, you can still continue to improve your conditioning. "

Jon Facci

"Joel's conditioning programs are game-changing, not only for my conditioning, but also for the conditioning of my patients. We've seen lots of cholesterol go down, changes in body composition, and most importantly, increases in their overall ability to manage stress. I HIGHLY reccomend any of Joel's conditioning programs! "

Dr. Jannine Krausse

"I've followed Joel's work for years, and he never disappoints. As a trainer, I was amazed by how much I still learned by going through his program. And my conditioning skyrocketed! "

Zach Foster

"I’m a 41 year old senior military officer with a wife and three kids, so between job and family commitments, I don’t have time for marathon training sessions. Metamorphosis allowed me to get the important training in without wasting time with a bunch of fluff. I took your advice, never exceeded the program recommendations throughout the 12 weeks, and got great results! This was the fastest I’ve ran my 1.5 mile since my mid-twenties and the highest I’ve ever scored on our annual military fitness test (99.5%)."

Tim Grady

"I shared the program with 4 clients and they all improved with their conditioning. It was also great for me to do all the different conditioning methods myself since completing the conditioning certification last year. It has given me the confidence and tools to apply to future clients."

Justin Simmonds

"I'm a S&C coach for over 10 years now, but the knowledge, structure and programming insight I have gained from the CCC course, and now in a practical sense throughout this programme is beyond compare. I can't thank you [Joel] enough - for me it's been life changing but I'm only getting started. My Goal at the start was to improve conditioning and to maybe get back to enjoy a bit of running....this programme took me way beyond that.... if you told me 10 weeks ago that I would be able to run a 10k, even a 5k (and still be able to train the next day!!!) I would have laughed at you! "

Ronan Brennan

David Henry Stewart


"Really change my body and my mind (-12kg) , learn a lot about how to manage the body, in complement with the cert it's the best thing i did this year !!! "

Greg Pierre

"I’m a beginner Muay Thai enthusiast and I found it difficult to do pad work for a few rounds before gassing out. I’ve tried HIIT and other similar ‘intense’ methods but it didn’t work. After 1 week of LSD training with a heart rate monitor, I was able to enjoy more rounds of pad work & I can finally focus on technique. I also appreciate the method-based approach as I can mix it up and not get bored —- I used to hate cardio in the past. Now, I look forward to it."

Kenn Costales

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Metamorphosis for? Do I need to be an athlete?

This MasterProgram is for anyone who wants to put in the work to improve their conditioning, but isn’t sure how to put all the pieces together.

The truth is that everyone needs to put time into conditioning, because it’s such an important part of fitness (and health)–but most people have never had all the tools they need to improve it. Metamorphosis will fix that.

What if I don’t see any results? Can I get a refund?

If you go through the MasterProgram, do the workouts, apply the lessons, and still don’t see any improvement in your conditioning in the first 30 days, I don’t want you to pay for Metamorphosis.

Reach out to my helpful support staff at [email protected], and we’ll give you a full refund.

You should see a noticeable, measurable
improvement in your conditioning.

Does the program have different levels of difficulty?

I designed Metamorphosis to benefit people with any level of fitness or training history. There will be two versions of the entire program: Level One and Level Two.

I’ll help you determine which level is right for you inside the MasterProgram. But don’t worry–if you want to have the best conditioning of your life, the program will get you there.

Do I need any special equipment?

Access to basic equipment that you’ll find in any gym is generally necessary for the strength training portion of the program, but no specialized machines or equipment is required.

If you don’t have access to a gym, then bodyweight exercises can be substituted in most cases.

To get the most out of the program, a heart rate monitor is highly recommended but not an absolute requirement. The program is also designed to integrate and work with the Morpheus interval training zones, but it can also be done without it.

If I'm an athlete training in my sport, can I still do this program?

In general, yes!

While the program includes up to 6 days of training per week, you can customize the weekly schedule to fit within your current sport workouts.

You’ll also be able to incorporate some of the methods and strategies in the program directly into your sport training.

The only time where the program may not be appropriate is if you’re a high level preparing for a specific competition. In this case, you may need a more personalized, sport-specific program to perform your best.

Do I get CEU’s for the educational content?

Not yet, Metamorphosis is not currently registered as a CEU provider. If you need additional information to petition for educational credits from your respective organization, such as a course summary or speaker bio, please reach out at [email protected].

We also plan to add CEUs in the near future.

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This guarantee covers you for a full 30 days, which means you can go through the first four weeks of the program to see how effective it is for yourself. If you put the work in and don't see the results, you'll pay nothing. My goal is to help build a complete conditioning program that will help your transform your health and fitness. If Metamorphosis doesn't do that within the first 30 days, I'll give you your money back, no questions asked.