The Coaches Guide to Programming for Maximum Health and Longevity

Workshop with Joel Jamieson, Mike Robertson, and Luka Hocevar

Now more than ever, people are turning to fitness to improve their health and longevity. Learn how to write life-changing training programs from three of the top coaches in the fitness industry.

The top training strategies for longevity and healthspan
Tools for 1:1 and group training settings
A simple system to design and progress your programs




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What does it mean to be FIT FOR LIFE?

This workshop is exactly what it sounds like: the best information we collectively have on how to translate fitness and training into health and longevity.

This is 100% where the fitness industry is heading. And it should be.

People want to know how their time and money spent in the gym will help them play with their grandkids, live unassisted, and stay independent as they age. 

And every coach needs to know how to help them reach those goals. 

That's what Fit for Life is all about.

Many people, coaches and trainers included, think that fitness is about having 6-pack abs or being able to lift hundreds of pounds in the gym.

What they don't understand is that the real, often untapped power of fitness is that it's the best tool we have to fight off chronic diseases, preserve independence, and remain mobile as we age

But the key is how you do it, which is what you'll learn when you register.

This workshop will teach you:

How our program design should evolve as we age and the truth about the role of strength training for longevity
Power Training: why it’s important, and the most effective ways to to integrate it into different types of workouts
How to create a coaching experience that will differentiate your group training from others and make you stand out
The step-by-step training system Luka uses to help all his clients build every aspect of health, performance and longevity
The single most important fitness qualities that every person has to develop to maximize qualify of life as they age
Why conditioning could be the biggest piece of the training puzzle, and how to integrate it into strength programming
Biomarkers and testing that everyone should needs tracking to measure progress towards maximizing health and wellness
Where today’s technology and tools like HRV, DEXA scans, VO2 max testing and more fit into building programming and coaching

Learn from three of the top coaches in the industry

The Three Coaches (1)

Luka Hocevar, Mike Robertson, and Joel Jamieson have 60 years of combined coaching experience, working with the highest level of professional athletes in the NBA, NFL, UFC, MLB, and beyond. And they’ve transformed the lives of tens of thousands of clients who want to live healthier for longer.

Their practical, results-driven approach to training and coaching make them sought after by teams, organizations, and individuals around the world.

If you’re a coach that wants to help people perform at the highest level while being the healthiest version of themselves, these are the coaches you should be listening to.

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