Joint Mechanics: The Hip

In this week’s episode of 8WeeksOut TV, Dr. Gerry Ramogida continues his series on the biomechanics of performance with a discussion on the how to evaluate and train the hip. The hip joint is absolutely essential to all areas of performance and durability and even small problems with hip mechanics can lead to big problems.



  1. Hey guys, thanks for this video series! I have been suffering from a knee injury the last 2 months or so that arose from doing heavy squatting on a regular basis. It started as minor chronic pain and became a severe limiting factor. Now I can’t do most of what I need to do as an athlete as a result. The pain is in the medial portion of the knee. It stems from an MCL sprain I suffered a little over a year ago and seems to be related to tightness mainly in my sartorius but also possibly a bit in my TFL and other areas. I was wondering if you guys could give me some insight as to how to properly treat this issue. I am already doing a sort of self “trigger point” thing with a lacrosse ball at the upper insertion point near my hip which seems to help but if you guys have any further insight I’d be thrilled. Thanks!

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