Multidirectional Sled Hip Drills

The hips are incredibly important for performance in just about any sport. For combat athletes, strong hips are essential to effective kicks, knee strikes and a good guard. Whether you’re an MMA athlete or not, these simple sled drills are a great way to strengthen your hips and improve your overall explosive power



  1. Hi Joel,

    I am curious as to why you wouldn’t do this with resistance bands of varying sizes. the benefits I see are less time between reps, easier to switch sides, increasing resistance though the movement, and a deceleration component.


    1. Beacuse the resistance of the band does not match the natural resistance of most movements. When kicking, running, kneeing, etc. the resistance is greatest at the start of the movement where inertia has to be overcome, not at the end. The sled has a much more natural resistance curve that leads to better transfer to real world applications. This is the real advantage the sled offers over band resistance

  2. hello,
    I love this drill, i just have a question, what equipment do you need to do this? Because i can find training sleds , but what do i need to connect it with my ankle?? all the training sleds i see come with shoulder straps..

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