Recommended Reading List

In the first of a series of recommended reading lists from those in the field I respect, friend and physical preparation coach Mladen Jovanović has compiled a great source list for anyone looking to further their education in the physiology, fitness, performance, and nutrition fields. With so much misinformation out there, being able to skip over the wrong information and cut straight to the right information is incredibly important if you want to stay on top of the strength, conditioning, and fitness world. I wouldn’t be putting this list on the site if I didn’t know it would help everyone do exactly that.

For everyone who may not know who he is, I’ve known Mladen personally for a couple of years now and I have no doubt that he is as well read as they come in this business. His recommended reading list is a great resource and will save you from wasted time, effort and money. I own and have read many of the books in his list and highly recommend the vast majority of them well.

Check out his list by downloading the free .pdf below and make sure to visit his blog www.complementarytraining.com while you’re at it for further reading as well.


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