Introducing Precision Metabolix: The only metabolic optimization supplement formulated specifically for you

metabolic optimization with Precision Metabolix

A couple of weeks ago, I sent out a brief survey to understand more about what motivates people to take nutritional supplements, along with which ones they most often take.

I sent it out because I’ve been hard at work developing a brand new approach to supplementation, and I wanted to do some additional research before I officially launched it.

I’m going to tell you all about what this new approach is and why I’m so excited about it shortly, but first, I want to share the survey results with you…

More than 1,000 people took the time to fill it out and while I had some ideas of what people would say, I have to admit that was still surprised (and encouraged) by what I found.

Not only did people rank health and longevity as their #1 goal, it wasn’t even close.

More than double the amount of people, 62% vs 28%, chose health and longevity over performance.

Even more, only 10% chose body composition.

In an industry that’s traditionally been focused on appearances above all else, it’s incredibly encouraging to see this shift in priorities towards something that matters far more than how we look in a bathing suit.

Maybe it was the experience of going through Covid, or maybe it’s just the natural evolution of fitness, but I think we’re seeing a fundamental shift in the way people approach their fitness.

People are now talking about the benefits of “zone 2 cardio”, something I’ve been writing about for 15 years, instead of just doing endless high-intensity intervals.

There’s also been an increasing emphasis on recovery and wellness over the “no pain, no gain,” mentality that’s driven the industry for so long.

These are big shifts and they are all good things because the most powerful way to think about health and fitness is from the inside-out, rather than the outside-in.

What I mean by that is that to build real health, performance, and longevity, we have to use how we train and what we eat as tools to build our underlying physiology, not just our physiques.

That process starts with metabolic optimization and it’s something that is hugely important, no matter what your own fitness goals may be.

The big picture of metabolism and why everyone needs to understand how it works

Before we can talk about what metabolic optimization is, or just how important it is for virtually every area of fitness, health, longevity, and performance, we have to define what metabolism is in the first place.

That’s because the way people often think and talk about metabolism only tells a small part of the story.

A sign of this is that if you ask people about their metabolism, they’ll generally talk about how many calories they burn in a day, or during exercise. They might talk about how they have a slow metabolism that makes it hard to lose weight, or a fast metabolism that makes it hard to build muscle.

In other words, most people think of metabolism purely in terms of how many calories they burn.

But the truth is that this is just the surface level of metabolism.

What’s far more interesting than just how many calories your body is burning, is what’s happening within the underlying biology of how your body both creates and then uses those calories to keep you alive.

To understand what I mean, we can use a simple, but powerful, way to define metabolism as everything that happens to turn the foods you eat into you.

This may seem like a funny way to look at it, but it’s also an accurate one. The old saying, “You are what you eat” has more meaning than most people realize.

That’s because at its core, your metabolism’s job is to take the foods you eat, break them down into the energy currency your body runs on, and then use that energy to generate the proteins coded within your DNA.

It’s these proteins that provide the building blocks of life and make you unique from the other 8 billion people on this planet.

In other words, Metabolism is so much more than just how many calories you burn in a day or during a workout.

It’s the hallmark of life itself, because the transfer of energy is what separates something that’s alive from something that’s not.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, we can dive into exactly what metabolic optimization is, and why it’s so important no matter what your health or fitness goal may be.

Metabolic optimization is the connection between your health, performance, and slowing down the aging process

Given how important metabolism is to life itself, it shouldn’t be too surprising that if we can improve how well it functions, it can have profound benefits on everything from how you perform, to how long you live.

That’s where metabolic optimization comes in.

The underlying goal of metabolic optimization is to improve the two distinct pathways of metabolic function:

  1. Converting the food we eat into the energy that we can use right away, or store for later. This aspect of metabolism is catabolic.
  2. Using the energy we pull from food to drive protein synthesis and adapt to our ever-changing environment This is the anabolic side of metabolism.

In other words, metabolic optimization is not about just trying to crank your metabolism up to burn more calories.

Instead, it’s about improving the core processes that drive how your metabolism converts food into energy and then how it uses that energy to fuel everything from how you feel, to how you look, how you perform, and even your healthspan.

In practical terms, what this looks like terms of metabolic function in the real world are markers like:

  • High density of mitochondria, where most of the energy gets produced, that are adapted to be efficient so your metabolism can produce all the energy your cells need to function at a high level
  • High insulin sensitivity and glucose control so the body can use glucose to produce energy more effectively
  • Low metabolic stress and inflammation so our cells and DNA are less susceptible to damage and replication errors resulting from chronic stress
  • Strong communication between different parts of your cells, like the nucleus and the mitochondria, to make sure energy supply is tightly coordinated to cellular demand
  • Robust immune function to protect against invading pathogens, while keeping our own cells in a healthy state through repair and regeneration processes
  • Effective cellular quality control through processes autophagy and mitophagy to clear out dysfunctional cells and prevent the buildup of senescent cells

When we’re young and healthy, our metabolism functions at a high level. We have all the energy we need. We can recover from the stress of training, life, and injuries quickly. We are free of disease.

If you’re an athlete, this is also when you’re at the peak of your performance potential.

You have the energy it takes to handle high training volumes. Your body has the hormone and growth factors it needs to build muscle to support strength and power. Your soft tissues can tolerate a ton of stress without breaking.

It would be great if this lasted forever, but unfortunately, we all know that it doesn’t work that way.

As we age, things change…

We lose metabolic performance and many of the key markers of metabolic function decline in the process:

  • We lose mitochondria and the ones we have left don’t work as well
  • Our cells get worse at communicating with each other
  • Inflammation changes from acute to chronic.
  • We get sick more frequently and for longer
  • It takes us longer to recover from the same workouts.
  • We start to experience nagging injuries that slow us down.
  • Our overall energy levels decrease and we rely more on caffeine

Taken as a whole, our loss of metabolic function over time makes us less resilient to the stress of training, life, and everything in between.

Although there are a variety of different theories on the exact models of aging, the decline we experience in metabolic function is a central contributor in virtually all of them.

The good news is that while there’s no way to completely stop aging and a general decline in our metabolic performance over time, at least for now, newer research is showing that there are a lot of powerful tools we can use to improve metabolic function and dramatically slow down this process.

This is hugely important because a high level of metabolic function is both performance-enhancing and anti-aging at the same time.

That’s what metabolic optimization is all about and why I’m so excited to introduce you to Precision Metabolix.

precision metabolix supplement for metabolic optimization

Introducing Precision Metabolix—The only Metabolic Optimization supplement formulated specifically for you

The reason I’m so excited about Precision Metabolix is because it isn’t just another new supplement, it’s an entirely new way of approaching nutritional supplementation.

One that’s truly personalized to your individual needs and your own unique biochemistry in a way that’s never been possible until now.

Precision Metabolix is unlike any other supplement ever created because it’s formulated specifically for you using a new four step process:

  1. Metabolic testing

    We use laboratory testing to measure hundreds of functional metabolic biomarkers. This allows us to assess your individual metabolic function and precise nutritional deficiencies and opportunities for optimization. The test can be done from home—no need to go to the lab or complete a blood draw.

  2. Review your results

    Once the lab results are in, typically within 10-12 days, my team will schedule a virtual consult to review them with you and discuss your personal health, fitness, and performance goals. We’ll go over where each your metabolic biomarkers are, how efficiently your body metabolizes carbs, proteins, and fats, and what this means to your health, performance and aging.

  3. Create your custom formulation

    Based on your results and your own unique goals, we’ll create and manufacture your own Precision Metabolix formulation with scientifically-validated ingredients and dosages that you need to optimize your metabolic function to maximize performance and slow down the aging process.

    This is NOT just a customized vitamin pack. It is an individualized formulation manufactured just for you. Each month, we’ll deliver a 30-day supply straight to your door.

  4. Retest and optimize

    Every 6-9 months, we’ll retest your metabolic function to measure improvements and changes so that we can adjust your personal formulation as necessary. This means Precision Metabolix is always exactly what you need it to be.

I created Precision Metabolix around this entirely new process of nutritional supplementation to give you everything your body needs, and nothing it doesn’t.

One nutritional supplement to rule them all.

This is a game-changer because the truth about everything in health and fitness is that small differences in our DNA and epigenetics often make huge differences in how we respond to training, nutrition, and everything in between.

We are all products of the interaction between our DNA and our environment. That’s what makes us unique and it’s why the only way to truly optimize our metabolic function, or any area of health and fitness for that matter, is through personalization.

I’ve spent 20+ years training people of all levels and abilities, from world champion athletes to people that have never worked out a day in their lives. The single most important ingredient to my success has been an intense focus on treating each person that works with me as an individual.

Until now, this just hasn’t been possible with nutritional supplementation.But that’s about to change when I launch Precision Metabolix on Monday, November 7th.

Stay tuned, more details will be coming soon!


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